Seth Storer


Seth Storer is the co-owner of Red Barn Music, an Artist management and Development company. Seth first got into the music industry as a songwriter. His first cut was “When She Drinks My Whiskey” by Ashton Dupre’ which saw great local success. He has since had many songs recorded by various Artist including “Last Call” by Ashton Dupre which peaked at #35 on the Texas Country Music Chart and “Maybe” by the Casey Peveto Band that broke into the Texas Country Music top 40 as well. He was also a co-writer on most of Ashton’s debut EP which reached #16 on the iTunes country music chart. In his short career he has pinned 6 Texas Country Radio charting singles for him self and other artist. 

His first studio work was a double album titled  the Quarantine Session Pt 1 and Pt 2. The first two singles saw great radio success in Louisiana, Texas, and abroad. With the success of his first two singles “Does He Know” and “Bottle Goes Down” he has decided to release an EP in 2022 and perform a select amount of shows.