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The Whiskey-Chitto Ramblers is a dynamic musical group comprising of talented individuals: Seth Storer on lead vocals and guitar, Kenneth Smith on Fiddle, Jordan Pickle on Guitar and Vocals, John Mouton on Bass, Alex Smith on Drums, and Chase Guillory on Lead Guitar. Originating near the Ouiska Chitto River, the band draws its name from the picturesque locale.

Their inaugural release, "Heart of a Fool," made an impressive debut at #77 on the Texas Country Music Chart. Subsequent to this successful launch, the band has unveiled three albums within a relatively short period. These albums include their self-titled debut "Whiskey-Chitto Ramblers," followed by "Common Ground," and their latest project, a collection of nostalgic rock covers from the late 90s and early 2000s titled "2000'sISH."

Inspired by prominent artists such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers Band, Aaron Lewis of Three Doors Down, and The Gin Blossoms, The Whiskey-Chitto Ramblers infuse energetic guitars, captivating fiddle melodies, and poignant country narratives to craft a distinctive musical style. Lead vocalist Seth Storer, a seasoned artist and songwriter, boasts a substantial following with over 6,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Additionally, Storer has secured seven placements in the Texas Country Music Top 100 charts as a solo performer and songwriter. 

With a diverse repertoire encompassing country, rock, and party favorites, as well as reimagined renditions of popular pop and hip-hop tracks, their live performances are sure to elevate any event and set the stage for an unforgettable experience.



RBM 337 578-7016

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