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Buddy ANdrews


& the Branded

Now residing in Rayne, Louisiana by way of Northeast Arkansas, Buddy Andrews is no stranger when it comes to country music. After his first release “Streets of Gold (Farmer Song)” in 2020, Buddy has hit the ground running as a musician. With inspiration from icons such as Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings, Buddy has established a reputation as a modern day outlaw in country music. His single “Country Sound” really tells how he feels on some music today and he has the attitude and grit that goes along with it. 

In 2022, Buddy began his band journey with establishing Buddy Andrews & The Branded. The band consists of Buddy, his lead guitarist Zach Albergottie, bassist, Ian Kratzer, and drummer Blake Burch. The Branded are quickly gaining momentum with their outlaw sound and a rocking attitude. 

Keep y'all's ears to the ground and be on the lookout for more content and music from Buddy Andrews & The Branded! 


“I never have any problem getting enthusiastic with a good song and a good band.” -Waylon Jennings





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