Aaron Jay Hebert



Aaron Jay Hebert, a singer and song writer out of south Louisiana, was born in 1993. Music was always a huge part of his life. At a young age Aaron watched his father perform on stage at a little Baptist church in his hometown of Kaplan, Louisiana. Aaron saw how music could touch people so deeply, how music could put a smile on a person’s face and comfort their soul at the same time. It was during those times that he realized he wanted to pursue a career in music. He came from a working class family, where pitching pennies was a daily routine. Aaron spent a lot of time at home sitting on his parent’s front porch listening to his childhood hero’s; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hank Williams Jr., Alan Jackson, Chuck Berry and Merle Haggard, to name a few.
In high school, he joined a choir and was labeled as a baritone two vocalist. People quickly started pointing out his voice from the choir. This led to solo performances at district level competitions singing classic singing classic arrangements such as "Ave Maria" and "Let It Be". His senior year of high school was a big year for Aaron. For the first time, he got an opportunity to join a band as a rhythm guitarist playing traditional Cajun French music. This led him to meeting a lot of talented musicians and lifelong friends.
He enjoyed playing a variety of different styles of music such as country, blues, swamp pop and even southern rock. He began to contract himself out to different bands around the local area as a side man and guitarist. He would also do solo acoustic performances during his spare time for restaurants and bars. This really helped build his experience in music and life in general leading him to the opportunity of recording in a professional recording studio for the first time. This experience encouraged Aaron to pursue song writing and he began to focus on writing well-polished songs.
He soon became affiliated with BMI as a licensed song writer and also the owner of his own publishing company. Aaron’s first released single “Got My Boots On”, really showcased Aaron’s musical ability’s because not only did he write and sing the song, he also played harmonica on the recording. About a year after Aaron’s debut of "Got My Boots On", he decided to release his next single “If I Could Go Back”. “If I Could Go Back” is a slow, heartfelt ballad written by a songwriter named Billy Yates out of Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Yates wrote a lot of songs for many successful artists such as Charley Pride and George Jones. Aaron Jay Hebert and the song "If I Could Go Back" shortly found their way into the Nu Louisiana Country Radio Charts. Aaron Jay once said during a radio interview “Songs speak to people in a special way that words alone cannot compare”.